Monday, December 14, 2009

Decorating what I can

I am such a homemaker. No, I don't have my own home...yet. ;o) So for now I love to put my decoration ideas into practice in my bedroom. It's become my own place - my getaway from everything (aka everyone) else going on in this house. I take some pride in the appearance of it, and I really like imagining doing these things with my own home someday. Here are some of my favorite parts of my bedroom. <3

I love my headboard! The Christmas lights on it are a fun touch, I like it!

My swirly mirror from Spencer's Ally! LOVE IT! (In the reflection is my desk with a huge photobooth photo of Tara and I in high school, lol.)

Christmas Tree and window seat. :)

Cutest picture frame ever, with scrapbook papers in it. :) I really like this little corner.

Just some fun photos and inspiring quotes. I love the one of my grandparents holding hands walking...

So excited for Christmas! The end.