Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Highlights.

February 7,2008: My best friend finally got engaged to the most perfect man for her!!!!! I am so excited for her, and I cannot believe we are so grown up already! We've been talking about this since we were 7, planning our weddings together, wondering what our future husbands would look like, making a promise to be each other's maid of honor etc. I am so honored to be a part of this wonderfully exciting time in the lives of Tara and Grae. He did a beautiful job proposing, their story is at: Check it out. I feel like I'm floating on clouds as high as she is right now!!

Right Now: I am listening to "Fix You" by Coldplay, which is a very special song to Tara and I am getting sentimental. Her and I are working out this morning, time to get ripped for her wedding!

January 29-February 7: I took my Doula course in Tacoma!! I absolutely loved it, although it was ridiculously short. There are still quite a few things I need to do before becoming a certified doula, but I can start work anytime.:-) I had so much fun staying with Esther and her family up there, and learning about the most fascinating thing in life - pregnancy and childbirth. God just continues to rock my world with the complexity and beauty of His creation. He is so amazing!

February 19-23: ROAD TRIP to CALI!!! Amy (my other bff) and I are driving to California for my friends' Dave and Kelly's wedding. I'm going to be bridesmaid for the third time this year.. and one more to come in June for Tara!! haha, 27 dresses coming my way or what?! But, really, I am so excited for this road trip. It'll be amazing quality time with Amy and I just love weddings, so I'm stoked.

Lately: God has been doing some refining in me. Some very, very necessary and somewhat painful examining of my heart and my intentions. It makes me so sad how easy it is to fall from the One who gave and gives it all to be with me. BUT, I choose Him over everything else!! Thank you Jesus for fresh mercies every morning!