Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V-Day 2011

Being married + Valentines day= much better than ever being single!!! :)

Weekend before V-day Brian took me to "Alice in Wonderland" ballet at the El Senor Theater, downtown. We dressed up much more than normal (I even bought a new dress), and had a lovely time. Such a great surprise! I did ballet up into highschool, and ever since have wanted to see a show. Brian doesn't care if this seeming "emasculates" him, because he loves me more than what people think! And he had a good time. :) Afterwards, we went to "Prudence" restaurant downtown, it was SO nice and yummy. We went all out, having drinks and a three course meal. The best part is, the view from our table was the spot that we became engaged 8 months ago.

Then Sunday the 13th, we headed to the coast for the night! We stayed at "Looking Glass Inn," a very nice, clean dog-friendly hotel. They had the fire place going when we got there, and a doggy basket ready for Miss Izzie. She had treats and a queen-sized bed to herself! Lucky girl! :)
The next morning the weather was aweful. So we lounged, watching movies at the hotel til noon, then drove along the coastline to Newport, enjoying the drive, scenery, and then lunch. We got back to Salem around 3pm, enjoyed cake and icecream with my family for my dad's birthday, then went to Northern Lights theater for a $3 movie. Such a wonderful evening!

THEN, 2 dozen roses arrive in the mail today, from my hubby, to surprise me. I love being married!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The art of contentment.

Tis a tricky thing, contentment. I believe, it is especially difficult to be content in the nation / society that I live in. There is always something bigger and better out there; cars, houses, clothes (better, not necessarily bigger:), jobs, life-stages, etc. However, I am convinced that I will never be satisfied. It is easy to pick out things I would like differently in my life, all too easy. However those things will bring me no eternal or lasting value. In fact, they will all be burned before me when I meet my Savior face to face. My goal everyday of my life, is to have nothing set before me that is more important or distracting than the desire to be with Jesus. He deserves to be my desire!

This is a matter only He can help me in. My loving husband encourages me with sound wisdom, whenever I become distracted by things. He reminds me that my purpose in life is to bring our Lord glory. That I do not become dismayed because I am not this, that, or the other thing. OR that I have this, that or the other thing. This life is so temporary, I would hate to be hung up on things.

Lord, it is my plea that You would help me focus on you, and that all my idols would bow down to You. Help my frustations, at times, of the things or qualities that I do not have, to cast them down before You.

I will cast my cares upon Him, for He cares for me!