Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Potty Trained Ruby

My sweet Ruby Joy has hit a couple of major mile stones in her little life over this past month. I am ever so proud of her! She is so intelligent, sweet, and catches on to teaching very quickly. Like I mentioned in my last post, she now sleeps only in her "princess" bed, sharing her room with her baby sister. Ruby is 30 months old and POTTY TRAINED! I have dreaded this phase, completely nervous that I couldn't potty train a child. Well, my girl proved me wrong, and I am grateful!

This time last year I tried to be super mom and potty train her at 19 months. I knew it could be done at a young age, and I was sure I could have "that child." I tried the very strict "potty training in 3 days" type method. I was completely prepared with special juices so she would be drinking all day long. I had salty fun snacks to make her thirsty, a doll that could pee when you squeezed it, and tiny little panties. I was also about 6 1/2 months pregnant. I started the day full of vigor and excitement. After about 2 hours of this intense process, I was starting to get tired, but still kept going. Then the hours slowly creeped by and tensions began to rise - in both Ruby and me. I became so exhausted and frustrated by the end of that day, that I just bawled when Brian got home. He proceeded to find a babysitter and take me out to Mexican food for dinner. It helped a little... ;-p

Now, one year later, I finally felt it was time to try again. So Saturday July 27th I buckled down. I used a piece of thin cardboard and write "Ruby's Chart" on it. I pinned it to the wall next to the toilet, along with a couple sheets of stickers. The first 4 or so days was a lot of work on my part. That's the time I questioned if this was the right time, or if she was ready. I was reminding her about every 30 minutes to go sit on the potty. So we sat, and sat, and sat. Sometimes we had successes, sometimes we had accidents. I noticed, however, that by 1 week, she was starting to prompt herself to go. This made me wonder - could she really have it figured out?! Then by 2 weeks she was always telling me when she needed to go, and having no accidents. Then I braved the next step - let her nap with undies on. She amazed me and never had an accident at nap time! Then around week 3 I decided to go on a quick errand and let her stay in undies. I was really nervous we'd have a messy car. But, she held it until we got home! It is just AMAZING how quickly she caught on. Now we go everywhere with her just in undies (and clothes!) and she naps with no diaper or pull up. She isn't shy in other bathrooms either - which is just awesome.

Now at night time she is still in a diaper or pull up. The next big step will be to eliminate that. I am SO thrilled with where we are now, that I'm not even worried about that next step. So excited over here!
I wonder if Cora will be similar..... :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sleep Training Cora

Why, hello there my little friend, Blog! Long time no see. I guess that's what happens when you continually add to your family - less time for these things.

Though I have no desire to blog for fame or fortune (can you tell?!;)), I really do like using my blog as a glimpse into different high lights in life. I recently have both potty trained Ruby, and sleep trained Cora. As I was preparing for the sleep training, I visited my blog and looked back in time, to when I wrote about sleep training Ruby. It was incredibly helpful to remember how things went with her. It's amazing how time can erase some specific memories - I'm so glad I had it documented.

Today Cora Delight is 9 1/2 months old. While it is unbelievable, it is also such a fun stage. By the time Cora hit 8 months of age, I was starting to really feel super ready to get her sleeping through the night. Like I mentioned, I looked back to my post about sleep training Ruby. I couldn't believe I had waited until she was 12 1/2 months old to do that!

At 8 months Cora was really having a horrible time sleeping at night. Therefore I was having a horrible time sleeping at night! It is unbelievable now, but Cora had been waking up AT LEAST 5 times per night. She was still sleeping in our bedroom, half of the time in her pack n play, and half the time in our bed. She was sleeping for 1.5-2 hour stretches at that point, and life was getting kind of miserable for me. There was a lot of crying during those awake times, and only a bit of it was Cora. She had been in that pattern for probably a couple of months.

June 29th we buckled down and put the girl in the crib in her room. Brian and I committed to let her cry it out, with a 20 minute limit. That is ALWAYS the hardest part of sleep training - the first night. At about minute 15 I was about to go in and get her, but instead I tried hard to tune her out and focus on other things. Within the next 5 minutes she was asleep! I think this was around 8pm. I believe then she woke up around 2am, so I nursed her quickly and laid her back down. I heard her cry at 6am, so I nursed again and left. Then she slept until 8 or 9 am. I was shocked by how great of a victory this was! Even with her waking up at 2am, that was after a solid 6 hours!

The nights following were very similar. Down (without crying) at 8pm, awake quickly at 1 or 2am, again at 5 or 6am, then finally at 8 or 9am. Since then, we've had some great nights (solid 10-12 hours) and some rough ones. Each night has its own story, but I still consider her sleep trained at this point. Along with her having to get used to being in a different bed and room, we had to adjust Ruby to sleeping full time in her toddler bed. This was a bit of another challenge, because beforehand she had the option to sleep in the crib or toddler bed. Now Ruby is adjusted to her toddler bed every night, so it's a double victory there!