Thursday, July 31, 2008

no title.. at all!

So I think I lost my ipod. I am so sad about it!! I haven't seen it the last two weeks I've been back in Kona, so I feel like I may have left it on the airplane or somethin. Such a bummer, especially cause I got a lot of the music on there is from friends form last year in SBS. So now I just listen to music on my computer. Man I hope it turns up soon if I didn't lose it!! Otherwise, maybe it blessed someone else -?-
I'm excited because in two hours I'm going out to coffee with my married friend, Tracy. She's pretty awesome and I cannot wait. I'm trying to decide now what I want to drink so that I will be craving it hard core and when I get it I will be soooo satisfied. :-) I'm trying to get more creative with the drinks I order (IE @ starbucks), so I would love to hear all of your guys' input as to what you LOVE to get so that I can spice up my drink wardrobe.. hehe
I am not sure if my sentence structures are even making sense right now, because I'm so caught up in listening to my favorite song at the moment.. dance with me.
Well that's it, I feel super brain dead right now.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cookies, anyone?

M'm I just finished baking some choc-o-chip cookies in our nice oven, and I have delicious candles burning!! So.. I took this photo on my computer so it's not as nice as with a camera... but my camera is shot. Ok well just wanted to update you! :-)

P.S. Has anyone seen the 13th year? It's a Disney channel original movie and I loved it when I was like 12.. anyway it's on now and it's really funny flashbacks. I had such a crush on the merman / teenager. haha

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You Won't Relent

I LOVE this song!! It's such a powerful message about God's relentlessness to pursue our souls!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I want a treat!

Ahh I'm having one of those crazy cravings days. It happens a lot actually. It's almost 10 and I have like no snacks so I'm not sure what to do with myself. Sad day!

Another fun update: I got so sunburnt today!! All day (at the beach) I was telling my friend that I hope I don't get sunglass tan lines on my face.. and I did. My face got so burnt and it's sad. I ALWAYS protect my face but I spaced it today. So sad! Ok but I am definitely excited to study Genesis this week!! That will be amazing, we have an awesome guest speaker named Ron Youngblood. He edited Strong's Bible Concordance! Awesome. Ok well good night!

(this is the beach I went to!)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dance with Me

Many songs will fade away
but few things will remain;
Melodies and harmonies will change
melodies and harmonies will change;
But I'm hearing a new song
but I'm hearing a new song

I'm beginning to hear the angels cry "holy"
O Love song of God, rise in me
I'm surrounded by You
Here in your glory
Oh love song of God, rise in me

I wanna be romanced by the King of the ages
I don't wanna sing of a passion I've never known
I wanna get lost in the beauty of Jesus
To dance through the night around your throne;
So dance with me, dance with me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My cute nephew. Just wanted to share the goodness.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh my bangs!

So I was a little bored yesterday afternoon and decided to cut myself some bangs. I wanted them to be the typical sweep- your- left -eye bangs but I made a mistake and they kinda ended up being one length.. only jagged. It's pretty funny. Hopefully my beautition best friend can help me some..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cup Cake Land!

Kesha, this is mostly directed to you! I have been day dreaming about baking cupcakes the last week or so - thinking about the photos of the ones you've put on your blog. So I had a blast tonight with my mom making these. I have a new hobby!! The ones with pink frosting are raspberry, the ones with white frosting are coconut, and the ones with light orange are.. orange! I used an orange crystal light mix in that frosting and it ended up being sooooo delicious. :-)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Road trip!

On Sunday, my two friends, Tedi and Esther decided to go on a roadtrip. Our final destination was South point - which is the southern most point of this island, and the southern most point of the United States!! But on our way we stopped at a few other places. The first was Starbucks :-) (I got an amazing iced grande two pump cinnamon dunce, two pump vanilla latte)

The second place is a beach area called 'City of Refuge' because back in ancient Hawaiian times people who had to flee the law could get here and be exempt from punishment - that is if they made it! But we stopped just to have a looksey and took some fun photos while there.
In the lava rock we found these little crystalized pockets that looked like ice - but obviously weren't - so they dared me to taste it to make sure it was salt, and YEP it was!

Then we just took some fun photos there...

Here in Kona, where I live, it's not your typical ideal of 'Hawaii,' it covered in hard black lava rock and it's really no that pretty.. but once you start driving south it gets really lush and green. It's beautiful.

On the way to South Point we passed this fenced in yard with these two Texas Longhorns which was quite the site in the first place:

So we pulled over to look at them up close, then saw in the fenced in area behind them a ZEBRA and a donkey together...
the owner came out and told us that as of recently, the donkey is pregnant with the zebra's baby and the breed is called a "zonkey." It was hilarious. This guy was so interesting - before this zebra, he had another one that he bought from the movie "george of the jungle" haha. So random.

Now, you know you're getting close to South Point when you see the windmills. They were just beautiful.

Then at South Point, there are these great spots to jump off if you want - me and Esther waited an hour for Tedi to decide whether or not she would jump. She didn't. :-(

Here's the beautiful water below, and a sweet yellow boat.

The end!