Monday, September 29, 2008

"Diamonds of my life"

Chorus to another Rick Pino song I love - he wrote this one to his wife...

No amount of shining stars
Could outshine your lovely heart

check out that link to hear it - amazing.
Can't wait for my time to come, ya know?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back from the Roadie!

I just got back this afternoon from an amazing road trip around the island with my friend, Kate! It was a blaaaaaaast :-) I only have two photos from my phone.. not good quality at all. The rest are on her camera and hopefully I can download some on my computer soon to add on here.

Random view from a cliff...

...and natural steam vent (one of MANY) at the most active volcano in the world - right where we camped for two nights!!!

Ok, I'll try to post more soon. Blessings!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thanks to Kesha!

I am enjoying a energy boosting iced coffee - thanks to Kesha Thomas' recipe! Hehe it is so good.

I'm also talking to my mom right now and she is describing thoroughly to me how to make good cookies, since I just vented that my last batch turned out crappy and flat, lol! I'm distracted because of how much infor she's outpouring :-) Love ya momma.

Currently, I'm babysitting a dog! His name is Hapa and he is a gorgeous Husky with bright blue eyes. My precious friend, Mel and her husband, Kumu, are at a birthing class ALL day, preparing for the little boy due October 12 (I think it will be sooner)! I cannot wait for him to come! I've been feeling him rolling around in her belly LOTS these last months and I am dying to see his precious little face. Ahh. I love babies! So Hapa is laying on the floor, chilling out as I'm getting loaded on caffine with my delicious drink! I've also been studying all day on the book of Esther which I am teaching on the 26th of this month. I'm excited, it's such a rich book. What's crazy is that God's name is not mentioned once in this book, yet it is exciting to see him at work throughout the entire story! I feel as though I could give a sermon already, after reading this book "A Woman of Strength and Dignity Esther" by Charles Swindoll.

Ok well I'm going to give my mother the phone time she deserves - peace!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New love

I've taken up yoga.

This will be me soon!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Just Soak

This man's music has captivated my soul. This video is crazy cause it's just one photo of him, so ignore the video and just soak to the song. Oh man has God used him to romance His bride! God basically speaks directly through Rick Pino. Another amazing song you should check out by him is "Your love is like" OH my word. Make me melt. Enjoy soakin in Jesus' presence!

It's THAT time of year!

According to my family back home, it's starting to feel like fall!! M'mm my favorite season! All I've been able to think about this weekend is pumpkin patches and the Dallas drive-in. The drive-in obviously isn't a fall thing, but I've been missing that end - of - summer feeling. The weather stays the same here in Kona all the time.. no season changes. BUT I'm still grateful.

I'm so sad that I've been such a slackin blogger lately. I feel like I have millions of things I could write about but I just don't get around to it. And since my silly camera is so shotty I can't take many pictures to upload. But here is a photo of some delicious banana bread I made last week - I'm a little apprehensive about the photo because it looks like meat loaf :-/

Ok well I'm off to a staff meeting. Blessings to everyone! Enjoy the end of summer / beginning of fall for me!!