Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Journal Excerpt :)

I just laid my little one down for bed, and sat down to read the journal I wrote while I was pregnant with her. This excerpt amazes me with it's accuracy to what Ruby turned out like! This was written right after a vivid dream I had. May 30, 2011: "...Once I had you, I adored looking at you, studying your every feature. First, you were a girl. (I have a 50/50 chance of getting that one right)! I decided immediately on the name Ruby Joy. You had dark thick hair like mommy did when she was born. When I held you in the light, your dark hair had a very red shine to it, so that's why I decided on 'Ruby.' Your nose and mouth looked just like mom's when she was a baby, except your eyes were big and blue like your daddy's! You were the most precious thing I ever saw. We bonded right away, you were my little buddy. Now, I know this was a dream. It could've been from God or could've been all made up in my head. Whether you look like that, or are a boy with no hair (just like dad) I will be thrilled! You will be the most precious thing in the world to me - you already are! Love you little one, time for bed!" How special! I still remember that dream clearly, and she looks like it to a "t." Her hair definitely has a red tint in the light and so far she has blue-ish green-ish eyes. I love that I journaled that. <3