Friday, November 27, 2009

Babysitting the Porter chillins!

I love these kids. That's about all I have to say.. they are deliciously cute!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sing, sing, sing!

One of my current favorite worship songs by Chris Tomlin!

Sing, sing, sing, and make music with the heavens!
Sing, sing, sing, grateful that You hear us,
when we shout Your praise, lift high the name of Jesus!

What's not to love about You?
Heaven and earth adore You!
Kings and kingdoms bow down;
Son of God You are the One!
You are the One, we're living for!

You are the love that frees us,
You are the light that leads us;
Like a fire burning,
Son of God, You are the One!!
You are the One... we're living for!

Sing, sing, sing and make music with the heavens!
Sing, sing, sing, grateful that You hear us
when we shout Your praise, lift high the name of Jesus!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Canned Food Drive for Hope Station.

So, after my rant on not celebrating Halloween, I did. I guess "celebrate" isn't the right word, but I participated in a trick-or-treat canned food drive for Hope Station, with Outward. We collected LOTS of food, between all the groups that went trick-or-treating (midday, by the way). It was a really great cause, and we all had a blast collecting food for those in need! One thing I love about everyone in our church, is that we cannot really get enough of each other. We love to spend time together, and never have a dull moment. It made for a very, very fun afternoon! Afterward a few of us hung out at the church, talked / ate / watched Edward Scissor Hands. (Weird movie). It was an amazing day, and there were some really, really amazing costumes.

We were cowboy and cowgirl. Brian got badges from his parents, which made me Sheriff and him, Ranger. So much fun! And our hats are actually his parents that they got on their honeymoon road trip to Reno. We insisted to wear the hats, because of the story behind them... ;) Regardless of the fact that his was FAR too small. Everyone let him know it didn't fit well, lol. He has such an awesome attitude about those things though. (BTW, I realize I have a double chin in this photo. I'm trying to be light hearted about it, and even laugh. However, that was my cue that it's time to start shedding pounds! Lol).

Fun, fun!!

Great Adventures!

Last Tuesday, (Brian's day off) Brian and I headed out to Detroit for a fun adventure! We both have a passion for the outdoors. We love admiring the beauty of our Creator in nature, and Oregon is SUCH an amazing place to do so! I have never driven out that way any other time of year except summer, so it was so refreshing and nice to see the beautiful colors in the trees. One thing that blew our minds on the drive out, was the beautiful mist rising among the trees on the mountains. SO GORGEOUS!

Sadly, my old school camera and lack of any photography talent does this scenery no justice! But I thought I'd share anyway! Once we got to our destination, we loaded up a couple of Brian's guns and shot targets. Not going to lie, I'm a pretty good shot! Nothing compared to Brian, he is always spot on.. his friends brag to me about how great of a shot he is. :) Hottie.

We had a little over a solid hour of shooting and sunshine, before it started to pour. At that point we decided to sit in the truck for a while and take photos. We have way too much fun together, I don't think it should be allowed! Everyday we ask each other "are you REAL?!" How on earth could I be dating someone who loves things I love, and teaches me things that I want to learn? God is SO GOOD!

::Laughing fest / accidental photo::

After lunch at a super cozy restaurant in town, we were pulling out and saw the best license plate ever!! Brian spotted it, and we LOVED IT!!!

I love blogging, it's like a journal documenting fun events and thoughts on life.