Saturday, December 1, 2012

11 months old!

My sweet Ruby girl,

I needed to pause and take a moment to write down the thoughts I have swarming around my head right now. I am watching you play with the shape box I had as a baby. You are SO smart! You are figuring out how to open the top, take the shapes out, and put them back in. You lift up the whole box to stand and show off your strength. You even *attempt* to put the shapes in their cut-outs on the box. You are learning to much! Ruby, we have 30 days until you turn one. While I cannot believe it has already been (almost) a year, I am so very excited to celebrate your life. You are my JOY. You are such a gift to me and your dada. I am so very emotional that you are growing so fast, but I am also so excited to watch you continue to learn and grow.

Thank you, Jesus, for this beautiful girl you have blessed me with. I truly did not know the depth of love I could have until I gave birth to this girl. I pray that you would already be revealing Yourself to Ruby's heart and that she will have a love for You that will continue throughout her lifetime. I pray that you call her to be Your own, and that she will know the love of Jesus this life and onto eternity in the next. Help me to be the most loving and tender momma I can be, not only for Ruby's sake, but to bring You glory and to be a reflection of Your heart for my daughter. Thank You for these 20 months that I have known Ruby. I pray for many, many, many more years with her on this earth. We love You, Jesus!