Monday, November 17, 2008

Playing mommy

So last Friday my dear friend Apryl and I decided to help out our friend Natalie. She has twin baby girls and her husband is in Israel for two weeks... so we strapped on her front packs and took the girls downtown, ate some sushi and walked around enjoying the sunset. It was basically glorious. There will be more of this action in the near future (tomorrow night in fact)! I love it and we felt like such moms. Amazing!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I have been struck in awe today by God's heart for marriage. I have always been fascinated by His view and intentions for marriage - the beauty of combining two separate people to become better together with God. It's always been a beautiful thing to me, but today I got hit. I was reading Jeremiah with Kate and within the first 10 chapters or so I was blown away by how many parallels God used in this book between him and his people, as a marriage.

Jer. 2:2 -
"I remember the devotion of your youth,
your love as a bride,
how you followed me into the wilderness..."
Jer 3:20-
"Surely, as a treacherous wife leaves her husband,
so have you been treacherous to me,
O house of Israel,
declares the Lord."

Well, first and foremost, this prophecy was written to an entire nation that had turned their back on God, after all He had done for them, all the times he had delivered them, and who had turned to false gods as well as Yahweh for help etc. It is a good reminder to us today. How many times (a day) do I turn my back on the One who delivered me from my wildernesses, YET he still pursues me with His unrelenting love. He is so faithful, when we are not. But besides that, I am just fascinated by His love. Like, honestly, He is a sucker for his beloved! His eyes are full of firey passion for each person on this earth, and He will never give up on us.

Back to marriage. My good friend here, Apryl, has been telling me about her newly wed sister and brother-in-law a lot lately. They are such a wonderful example of God's intention for marriage. They are fascinated with each other. They never say anything negatively about each other behind their backs. They can't get enough of each other. It hurts their hearts to not be next to each other. They never stop touching each other. His view towards his wife is "I am called to love you as Christ loves the church, and I do not take that lightly." That is so refreshing! That IS how marriage should look. While, yes, they are still honeymooners, they have a firey love and passion for each other that is long lasting. This is because they have God's heart for marriage. They get it.

How much more does God in heaven long to be with you and I all the time. How much more does it hurt his heart to be far from us (or for us to be far from / rejecting him)! God is such a man's man when it comes to loving his bride - he will never stop pursuing. How incredible! He will never threaten for divorce!

All these thoughts have encouraged and challenged me intensely. While I was made to be a nurturer, wife, mother etc. it is totally in God's hands. The phrase "don't settle" is really starting to make sense to me. I want to be pursued like Christ pursues the Church!! Holy crap, that's intense. More than earthly marriage, however, I just want to stay lovesick for my Beloved always, as much as I am now. He is the best, and he understands me. Ahhhh I'm in LOVE!

Jesus, please let me stay this passionately in love with your heart for all time!! That you would give this revelation of marriage to all who believe in you whether they are already married or not. That they would see the fire in your eyes for them.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shadow feet.

So I have become a major fan of Brooke Fraser the last few weeks... Love her music, it is gorgeous and so inspiring. She is an incredible woman! So talented, and a huge heart for God and orphans in Africa. I love her. Here is one of her videos. I want to buy some of her stuff soon!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Aww I was just looking at some of my blogs from last year and January of this year. It is so good for me to reminisce and look back at what God has done in my past. I am seriously blown away that it is November already!!? What the heck is that about? I am going home next month, for good. It's so funny because coming back here in March, it felt like there would be no end in site... haha not that I felt trapped or something, anyway you get the idea. I am so excited. Everything about this time is bitter-sweet. Going home to my family, friends, winter, money-making job, home church etc... but leaving behind LOTS of other amazing friends, constant summer, multiple times-per-week corporate prayer and hard core worship, and did I mention lots of amazing friends? :-/ Here are some I'm sad to say I'm leaving.

Natalie and Jeremy

Cedar and Acacia - Natalie and Jeremy's twin babies.

The beautiful Apryl Griffin.

Melissa Vasconcellos

Keaka-Melissa's little stud muffin.

The hilarious and Spirit filled Kate and Sammy.

Jake-to-the-Mason. I look super scary here... 7am breakfast style.

Mrs. Jenna Vega!!!!

Lord I love them all.

I was going to write more on this post, but got hit with tiredness. Good night!