Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Well, this is a long and over-due post. As ya'll know from Facebook, we are pregnant with baby #2! WOW. I was telling Brian yesterday that every morning when I wake up I remember that I'm pregnant, and it's like a surprise everyday. It is so surreal to me. Boy, are we SO excited! I feel so honored to be pregnant again.

Today, I am 12 weeks 6 days. Almost out of the first trimester - it seems to have flown by. I am kind of dying now to find out what we are having. :) Seriously, we would be thrilled either way. We both would adore another daughter - how sweet to have two little girls! A boy would be incredible too, a little man for Brian to rough house with. Couldn't be less biased, and thankfully my husband has the same attitude.

Last week we had our second prenatal appointment, and we were able to hear baby's heart beat. How absolutely incredible! We only plan on having one ultrasound, the anomoly screen around 18-20 weeks, which is when we will find out the gender. I am really going to push for 18 weeks, because I am so excited to find out what our little one is! We are having our prenatal care and birth at Bella Vie just like we did with Ruby. I love their preventative approach and focus on nutrition, so that common high-risk issues can be prevented. (i.e. high blood pressure / pre-ecclampsia, gestational diabetes, etc.)

There's a very quick update on our lives. I need to blog more! I hope to be on top of it during this pregnancy, but we will see. :) Thank you, sweet friends, for reading.