Friday, May 15, 2009

Being wrecked.

Wow I am such a good blogger! :-) It's funny that I get frustrated when others don't update their blogs, yet neither do I.. hmm.. hypocrisy. Anyway I just have been going through so much transformation and wish I could write about it all. It's too much to put into words though. God is just incredible, giving me new and intense revelations every single day that have been blasting me. I have gotten so close to His heart these last few weeks, it astonishes me. I love being in His presence, His sweet, paralyzing, overwhelming, make me bawl my eyes out, then smile a lot, presence.

I have been playing the piano lately - something I haven't done in AGES. I missed it terribly. There's something about the piano that strikes my soul so deeply. It goes beyond my comprehension, and really takes me to a different place. I feel like I get a touch from the Lord every time I play or hear it being played. When I need to envision myself in my "secret place" with Jesus, it is either on a mountain top or in the back of a stain-glass sanctuary hearing distant piano music with strong chords mixed with luscious melodies. I love love love the way Jesus touches my heart. This song is an incredible example of something He has spoken to me through this week. You should listen to the whole thing! GORGEOUS.

Amen, hallelujah, I'm done.