Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Danced.

I decided to do it. Shut the blinds, blast live worship music from IHOP and danced my silly heart out! It's always awkward at first, but then freedom comes from doing something socially unacceptable / awkward, and changing focus to it being all for Him. I danced all around our house, twirls, stomps, jumps, some old moves I learned in ballet. I scared my dog, also. She was barking, completely confused. Well, Izzie, get used to it. Your mom hopes to be dancing more and more in the near future. :)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To Dance

I.miss.YWAM. I am where God wants me and am learning so much still about him daily, but I miss YWAM / Kona. I miss the hours on end of worshipping the Lord and dancing. Not caring if I look foolish, and having my eyes closed the whole time. *siiiigh

Which brings up my next point, I wish I was a dancer. It is such a beautiful art. I was a dancer from age 9-15, didn't take it very seriously. Wish I did though. I want to dance beautifully as a form of expression before my Lord. It's something I will learn to close the blinds for and do while home alone. :)

Tis so sweet to worship Him in spirit and truth.