Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I just need you to know, that mommies are heros. If you are a loving mother - you are amazing! If you have a loving mother - you are blessed. From pregnancy, to BIRTH, to the healing after birth, to dealing with and loving on crying babies, to raising them selflessly, mothers are heros. I've always loved my mom, and always known that mothers are very special. However, since becoming a mommy myself, my heart has been touched deeply by moms.

During the last month of my pregnancy my Grandma Ruth (mom's mom) had some serious health problems. My mom wasn't able to see her mom very often because of the distance, but she was able to spend time with her in the hospital in December. After all that had happened to Grandma Ruth we knew her days were short. Something that broke my heart in such an endearing way was when my mom came home from that trip and told me, "I said my good-byes to my mommy." Heart breaking, right?? I was broken after she told me that. After what seemed to be some physical healing in my Grandma Ruth, she had a stroke a week and a half ago and died in the ambulance. I didn't have a close relationship to my grandma by any means, but the loss of a family member is very hard either way. My heart hurts mostly for my mom. She's been reminiscing about her childhood and memories of her mom. They had a very rough life, but my mom assured me, "she loved her babies." My grandma had 7 children, 4 (or so) marriages, and at least 2 miscarriages that my mom knows about. She had to drop out of school in 2nd grade to take care of her family. She had it ROUGH. But she loved her babies. That blesses my heart.

Two weeks ago there was a women's event at our church. It was a blessing to have a panel of women answering questions about being a missional woman. The one that spoke deepest to me was a wonderful mother of 4 from our church. She is WONDERFUL. She is wise. She is absolutely loving toward her husband and children. (You know who you are)! One thing she talked about was her prayer to God before having children. She told God that she did not want to be given any children unless they would come to know Jesus as their Savior. The thought of having children who would not love the Lord and end up in hell eternally, absolutely broke her. She now has 4 children, the oldest is 6. The two older girls share Jesus to each other and the younger ones. :) What a blessing. I wish I could appropriately word how beautiful this prayer was. She put my thoughts into eloquent words. I love children, but if they don't grow up to know the Lord, I would be completely devastated.

Then there's Michelle Duggar. I know most people don't like the Duggar family because of this or that, but Brian and I love them. I wish I could meet them and just chat with Michelle for hours over coffee. She is such a selfless woman of God. She has been through so much, delivering 19 babies and all. I am in awe that someone could be that selfless! What a very rare gem. I could go on....

Mothers are so incredible. I have never been so grateful for my mother as I am now. I love my daughter so much it hurts. I didn't know such a deep love could exist. Speakings of, she is crying in her crib. Time for me to love on my little Ruby. Thanks for reading.