Thursday, October 22, 2009

Choose faith, not fear.

As of late, I have becoming more and more convicted about the way our society tells us to celebrate holidays. It kind of hit me really hard this past Easter season, how much we (Americans) have cheapened a holy day as precious to our faith as Easter. The death and RESURRECTION of our Lord and Savior, the One who gave it all so that we can have life everlasting, a life that we do not deserve in the least. This last week I recalled a status update I wrote on facebook at Easter time along the lines of being saddened by the pastels, bunnies, and eggs that have stolen our focus from the celebration of Jesus' sacrifice for US. It's one thing to celebrate spring and the fun colors, it's another to let it completely take our focus off the beauty of the Man with nail scarred hands.

While thinking about how saddened I was at Easter this year, I have also been feeling sad about the celebration of Halloween. For some reason, it has never set well with me to take part in a holiday that was founded on searching out spirits of the dead and chasing away demons. Not only is that something weird and dark to celebrate in general, but especially as a Christian who claims to live in the light of Jesus Christ. I hate that it's called a holiday which = holy day. My best friend, Tara, was raised in a wonderful Christian home, and her parents chose to celebrate All Saints Day (Nov. 1) rather than Halloween. I always found this very interesting, since I was a kid I thought I would like to celebrate this holiday rather than Halloween, with my future family! I have been doing a little bit of research this past week on All Saints Day and the founding of Halloween. All Saints Day was actually founded long before Halloween, and it is to celebrate the lives of saints / martyrs who lived for the Faith.

I have had this topic fresh on my mind for a while now, and yesterday I just so happened to run into Tara's mom, Beth's blog. Very fascinating. She is a FANTASTIC writer. Her latest post is on this very topic and the reasoning behind her choosing to celebrate this holiday with her family rather than Halloween. It is very cool timing, and I think God is really teaching me something big through this. I am going to get back to my research now, and soak in all my thoughts. I have many more to write about, but can't seem to compose them well right now.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aloha from Kona!

I have been told by some sources that I need to write a new post, so here it goes! Not sure what specifically to write about, so we shall find out soon, I suppose.

I am on day 7 of my lovely Kona trip, only 4 more to go! It has been such an amazing trip to catch up with my incredible friends, take a break from life, and reflect on the goodness of my Father. It's interesting, because it may look like I planned this Hawaii trip for a "vacation" or to get away, but that's really not it at all. I planned this trip primarily to see friends that my heart missed terribly, to catch up with people who have influenced my life in GREAT ways, that just so happen to be separated from me by a big ocean. Being here with them has done so much that phone calls and skype just cannot accomplish. It has been a very low-key trip. Not much - actually, any, site seeing or typical tourist attractions, just hanging out at people's houses, coffee shops, and occasionally the beach. That's the cool part about my living here almost 2 years, that the sites have been seen and it's so much more important to me to catch up on my relationships. I shall post some photos now!

THANK YOU LORD for these amazing friends who have so richly blessed my life. They have all been such vessels of truth and blessing from you, to me. Thank you that I have the opportunity to spend 10 days on a rock in the middle of the Pacific to become refreshed and enjoy the presence of You and my dearly loved friends. You are such an amazing Father, I love you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh baby baby.

Here is Langston giggling at me - adorable!