Tuesday, September 17, 2013

20 Months!

My Darling Ruby,

You are very quickly approaching the 2 year mark - wow! I thought the first year flew by, but this second year is really taking me off guard. I love you so much, my girl. I've noticed your attitude changing quite a bit in the past couple of months. You definitely know what you want. If you cannot have something that you want, you are NOT happy with me at all. There have been a lot of fun things you've learned and grown in since I last wrote about you, but this new determination is really a challenge to your momma.

I'm realizing more and more everyday how much of a job it is to be your parent, to be the one to teach you what is appropriate or not, what is respectful and what is not. I find myself being reminded each and every day that Jesus' grace is sufficient for me, that his power is made perfect in my weakness. I feel weak a lot, and like I am not suit to be your mother. But his grace has astounded me more and more as I lean into him for wisdom and strength. I couldn't do this without the grace and love of Jesus.

You still love animals and babies. Unfortunately, you've caught on to how frustrated Izzie makes mommy, and you now know how to yell at her, "Izzie, stop!" It's adorable, but I know I haven't been loving toward our doggie in front of you all the time. I don't want you to learn bad habits from me. Your love and gentleness toward animals is so sweet. You not only know SO many different animal sounds, but you're learning how to say the name of different types of animals! It is so fun to watch you.

Even though you do not know that you really have a baby sister coming to meet you in a few weeks, you still know that when I ask you to "feel baby sister," you are to touch my belly. You so gently place one or both hands on my belly and wait, even though you don't know what you're waiting for. I

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