Tuesday, September 17, 2013

32+ weeks!

The title says it all - I am 32 1/2 weeks pregnant with little Miss Cora. Just about every day I find myself wishing I was closer to 'the end' of my pregnancy, or feeling like it is just going by too slowly. But yesterday I stopped to reflect for a moment. I was remembering the night I took my pregnancy test just 'to see' if anything showed up. We had been trying starting about one month before we actually conceived Cora, and I was dying to see if our efforts had come to fruition. :) We ate dinner at Red Robin earlier that night, meeting up with some friends. They had arranged the get together to 'catch up,' but, really, to announce that they were newly pregnant. I was SO excited for them! Consequently, this meant my mind was wandering a little bit to know if I was or not. It was still a few days too early to get a super accurate reading, but I made Brian stop at the Dollar Tree anyway. I took them immediately and could see the double lines, but Brian didn't believe me. :-p

There's our little story about finding out we were pregnant. I had to document this moment today though, because honestly that day didn't seem very long ago. If 7 months ago seems like days, then I guess the next 8 weeks will fly by also. *Hopefully 7* I have this desire to have Cora on November 1st. It's kind of random, but a. it's 1 week early b. it's All Saints Day c. I would go into labor on halloween night, a good excuse to not have to celebrate d. it's my older sister's birthday - so special!

That's all I have to say for now, I guess. I am so excited to have this baby girl!! UGH the thought of Ruby having a little sister melts me! The thought of nursing a new baby melts me! The thought of not being pregnant any more MELTS ME! :-)

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Jessica Mommyoftwo said...

Looking beautiful momma! I loved being pregnant and every time I was nearing the end I was not loving it so much. haha. Now 7 months postpartum I wish that I was pregnant again.